Monday, July 7, 2008


Nadal wins Wimbledon Crown

I ve been wantin to resume my bloggin fer so long tht i fergot how long...i ve been waiting fer a  major event which had an impact on me to make me blog my views on it...well there were near candidate events,like fer instance  watchin the movie 'kuruvi' in theatre which made me wonder abt the image n space of tamil cinema on the world stage..more on tht will be posted in a few days' time.

The one catalystic event was the Finals of  Wimbledon,2008 at the All England Club between Defending Champion Roger Federer Vs The Challenger Rafael Nadal, in which Nadal won 6-4 6-4 6-7 (3-7) 6-7 (8-10) 9-7 in an epic 5 hours battle.

N what a match that was!!...the quality of tennis played,as the commentators agreed ,could arguably be the best ever played...glad to hav witnessed it!

Nadal was jus terrrific in the match...fighting every point,chasing every ball,incredibly getting back into the point where lesser players cud hav given up,incredible power in his shots.Federer staged a superb come back as well from being 2 sets down,winning the next 2 sets saving championship points en route...i never thought Nadal cud et back into the match in the 5th set but Nadal showed immense strength of character by fighting his way in the final set..eventually Fed succumbed..Nadal wins first grandslam on grass,his fifth overall.

Being a Federer fan first,then n Nadal fan, i was behind Fed..hate to see when he loses a point,let alone a match! But all credit to Nadal....though i still think Fed is the more skilled of the two,n Nadal overcomes this shortcoming by sheer force of his mind.

Could this signal  the end of Federer's reign of supremacy on the grass court? Let's wait n see.                             Some words from the two champions post match:

"It's impossible to explain how I feel. It's a dream. I never imagined I would win this tournament. It's very tough to play Roger - especially here - he is excellent when he wins and when he loses. He's still the number one and he's still the best. He's won five and I've only won one."
-Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal

"I tried everything. Look, Rafa's a deserving champion. It's been a joy to play here. It's shame I couldn't win it but I'll be back next year."
-Runner-up Roger Federer