Friday, October 23, 2009

Congrats to Rahul,Bala n the rest of CSE cast :)

(Saaral - Tamil Drama,part of The Theater Week)

'Vaadipatti Vyabari' ,based on 'Merchant of Venice', was a hit. The crowd was entertained,and the judges happy. Kudos to Rahul for the direction,screenplay,script,n dialogues(phew,this is some list!),and good job of adapting it to a Tamil village setting :) with a social message. Nice performances by the supporting cast, especially- Gokul as MuthuPandi(Shylock),and Deena as Anthonio (Antonio),Siva as The Naatamai (Judge),replete with the sombu, white thundu,n veshti-shatai, Prakash as the Naatamai's 'TakeHold' (allakai or edupu :) ).

Of the several creative elements in the show,the following dialogue appealed to me:
"Nyayam enbadhu oruvanin thanipatta karuthu! Oruvanuku nyayam endru thonuvathu matroruvanuku nyayamagavendum endru avasiyam illai! Enave,theepai vazhangum bodhu nyayam mattum allamal manidhavimana thayum karuthil kolla vendum!" .

(Justice is relative to the person. What appears as just to a person,need not necessarily be just to another . So,when delivering a judgement, humanitarianism should also be considered. That is universal! )

Great job, guys!

Friday, October 16, 2009

"The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga wins Booker Prize 2008".. WTF!!

Or in the words of Balram Halwai's ex-employer's wife Pinky Madam,

"What a fucking joke."

Struggled to get past the 50-page mark.
(After 45 pages of egotistic talk, the protagonist says "So,I'm sick of talking about myself , sir." Ass. It made me sick too,plus bored me almost to death)

Insipid n Cliched. Hated the tone and style of narration. Factually so many things incorrect,or rather interpreting things in a way that is quite the opposite of how it was meant. (for eg : Gods like Hanuman,the half-monkey,half-man God, are hoisted upon us,so that we servants would work with infidelity to our masters (also implied,is servitude). WTF!). Fake .

This book is probably for those who are ignorant,and does not know the deeper meaning of India. For those westerners,who'd go "wow...India is so backward!". Aravind Agida's 'The White Tiger' doesnt appeal in any way,or makes you ponder or evokes self-inquiry,or any emotions infact,except of course, the feeling of boredom.(In stark contrast to Sir V.S.Naipaul's accounts on India -An Area of Darkness(1965),Wounded Civilization(1975) .Heavy Writing. Weight-u!)

Didnt bother to cross the 100 page mark.

Lame narration. The first book ever that i'm abandoning halfway through- congrats have this distinction. Salutations.

What a fuckin joke.