Friday, October 23, 2009

Congrats to Rahul,Bala n the rest of CSE cast :)

(Saaral - Tamil Drama,part of The Theater Week)

'Vaadipatti Vyabari' ,based on 'Merchant of Venice', was a hit. The crowd was entertained,and the judges happy. Kudos to Rahul for the direction,screenplay,script,n dialogues(phew,this is some list!),and good job of adapting it to a Tamil village setting :) with a social message. Nice performances by the supporting cast, especially- Gokul as MuthuPandi(Shylock),and Deena as Anthonio (Antonio),Siva as The Naatamai (Judge),replete with the sombu, white thundu,n veshti-shatai, Prakash as the Naatamai's 'TakeHold' (allakai or edupu :) ).

Of the several creative elements in the show,the following dialogue appealed to me:
"Nyayam enbadhu oruvanin thanipatta karuthu! Oruvanuku nyayam endru thonuvathu matroruvanuku nyayamagavendum endru avasiyam illai! Enave,theepai vazhangum bodhu nyayam mattum allamal manidhavimana thayum karuthil kolla vendum!" .

(Justice is relative to the person. What appears as just to a person,need not necessarily be just to another . So,when delivering a judgement, humanitarianism should also be considered. That is universal! )

Great job, guys!


Chiju said...

Happy that something as creative as this is happening in college. Nice dialogue! :)

Nithya said...

The dialogue is GOOD. And I can imagine adapting The Merchant of Venice into a Tamizh play. Must've been TOUGH. So you people have theater week and all eh ? Che ! I am jealous of you Amrita-ians (?)

vk said...

Nothing to be jealous about Amrita-ians except that they get to be in a beautiful picturesque campus!