Friday, March 5, 2010

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya

BottomLine : Great music, neat performances , good dialogues , nice cinematography and a mature love story makes VTV a must watch!

On my first viewing, i thought it was a good movie, which could have been a lot better - certain scenes could have been handled better,that more time should have been spent on building up certain scenes to release the dopamine from the audiences. But after my second viewing , i feel its an awesome movie.

A.R.Rahman - what can i say! The 10-15 mins of the movie were extremely enjoyable for me,with the maestro's score in the background. The songs - sheer brilliance! Gautam Menon has been meticulous in capturing the songs,it works wonders. The timing of Aoromale - one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Speaking of favorite scenes ,there are several - the NewYork park scene, the scene outside Jessi's house when he returns from Goa(the conviction in the voice and the face of Trisha), the calls n text messages to him when he is in Goa, Trisha after going back to her room saying ,"oh what have i done" , Karthik's emotions on hearing 'its over' , karthik locking horns with jessy's brother on the rooftop :) - and how can i not mention the songs,hosanna,anbil avan, mannipaya, kannukul kannai -makes me want to watch the movie again!

For once, Simbhu and Trisha have acted,yes actually acted (thanks to Gautam Menon). Hope Simbhu dons roles with some substance in them in the future. Ganesh has done a nice job :) ('jessy jessy solludha?' is also one of my favorite scenes!). Their characters, Karthik and Jessy, are real life,and the part that i liked most is that Jessi has her flaws,who goes back on her words,who doesnt know what she has to do,who is caught in the middle between her love for Karthik,and the respect for her dad's wishes.

Vinnai Thaani Varuvaya - in a long time, i've come out of a theatre feeling satisfied. Waiting to go for it a third time!


Chiju said...

Likewise man!!!!! :)
Waiting to see it again and again and over again! :)

vk said...

Extremely satisfied the third time over :) Realized,again, that the score was brilliant :)

Divya Arikere said...

:) Totally agree with everythin written in this post.. Can't say i loved th movie.. but i sure did like it.

Sheetal said...

very well said.. :)

Vibushan L Narayan said...

"Lets just be friends" is the dialogue (over and over and over) power (no. of scenes in the movie) is the movie itself :D
and btw, incase you didn't get it, i the one above is a kind of a mathematical equation as a result of vettiness.