Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Can't believe its been 11 months since i landed at Madurai!

Never ending deadlines, reports , documents, meetings , customer calls , coding - works been hectic past 6 months- never have faced such pressure in my life,yet.

Mistakes, learnings, people , perspectives - all been a great experience , though stressful.

Bad food, hot weather , worst cafeteria food , absence of physical activity, cups over cups of sweetened coffee - did not help in any way.

Been a long time since i blogged, or orkut-ed , or fb-ed. Or read any book,or any blog.

Its become an obsession to get back to Cbe every weekend to meet friends and family, and for good old home food.

Hoping to get back to doing what i like rather than what others want me to do!


Divya Arikere said...

How true :(

Chiju said...

This morning I read that the more sweet your coffee is, the more attentive you become. Thats when I understood why they give free coffee in every company! :P But, I should say the coffee you get there (in your office) is great! Me and another guy bugged the guy to buy a filter so that we could drink filter coffee! :P

Being a software engineer in another place (even your company) is much better than you sound! :) Its what I call the Madurai touch. Enjoy!

vk said...

Yea the place has got a lot to do with it! - worst place for a 21 yr to spend

And sweetened coffee - the immediate moment you ll feel great due to the caffeine and the extra sweetening gives you a sugar rush - feels great until the effects wear off , but after that you feel even more drained than how you'd have felt- which explains why you crave for another cup of coffee. I was on the verge of becoming a coffee addict - fortunately was able to resist!

vk said...

Thats a lil science :P

classic regular said...

you realize you have gone too far zz you don't have a girl friend zz you've started smoking zz you crave for the coffee from the vending machine zz you dread waking up zz the only thing u look forward to is Sunday when you can check office mails at leisure zz source code will start giving you a hard on zz you are a neo junkie and you are proud to be one zz

and then you wait for the end to come