Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Auditory Symbolisms - Sounds of Emotion

Crash of the ocean waves

roar of a waterfall

splatter of rain

a splash of water

rumbling of thunder

creak of the wild bamboo

rustling of the leaves

cry of the morning peacock

These are , for me , auditory symbolisms for beauty and solitude.

Sounds have the power to trigger certain emotions and memories and they give rise to a stream of thoughts.They say emotions have colors. I think they have sounds associated with them as well.

Probably thats why we sing or hum when happy, laugh out 'ha ha',exclaim a 'ohw' of suprise, a 'aargh' of frustration ,a 'hmm' of thought , a 'mmm!' for a delicious recipe . These are primitive sounds,nevertheless reflect natural and powerful emotions.(ofcourse,there are the more linguistically expressive souls who use a not so natural sound for all these emotions,a little more complex sound than ohw and ah,considered unparliamentary but the most used 4 letter word-yes,you got it right).

There are sounds in nature,sounds of water for instance, that never fail to move me,to transport me to another place,the choice of place depending on the sound and its related emotion.


Divya A said...

Did u get lost in the woods recently ??? ;)

vk said...

Seriously,I'd want to :) Btb people,you must experience the sound of bamboo in a bamboo forest - quite ashtonishing!

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Nice :)

vk said...

They say peace and quiet.I'd rather go for peace and sounds of nature.

Anonymous said...

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