Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tamil cinema at its nadir

The last 10 visits to the theatres to watch tamil flicks have been,to say the least,extremely disappointing - the sorry state of tamil cinema lacking quality and merit,the brand of films being released now is absolutely pathetic - cannot even think of rivalling those yester year classics or anywhere near the horizon of being labelled a modern classic. Huh...let being called a modern classic alone,they should strive to be called as watchable first up!

These films include :

Kuruvi (started with this,setting new lows for tamil cinema,challenging others to beat this low line mark!)

Silambattam (God Forbid! Unbearble.)

Kadhalil vizlunthaen ( No,thank you.)

Padikathavan( Cant believe they still make films like these in 21st century)

Maasilamani ( sunaina was the reason i saw..better should have stuck to seeing still camera pics)

Muthirai ( the only muthirai that this movie leaves on you is the mark of stunningly bad cinema)

We can take a little heart though-there were a few that were watchable,and infact was good in parts , n even better in certain parts : Pollathavan , Vaaranam Aayiram , Abiyum Naanum , Yaavarum Nalam - easily watchable,worth one visit to the theatre.

On the whole , Hopeless.

I watched Cinema Paradiso this afternoon,and what a movie that was!! Simple,elegant,very moving piece of cinem - the name says it all. Hoping for the day that such movies are made in Tamil.

A lost cause? Lets see.


Divya A said...
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Divya A said...

When u kinda realised tamil cinemas are all goin down th drain ... Why didn't u stick to doin smethin constructive ???

vk said...

In the hope of good cinema experience! yes,i let myself to be easily fooled,lured into the theatres - what was i thinkin?! Er..Good question.

Chiju said...

You know wat.. Except for Pollathavan.. the other three movies i heard people say the movie was kadi when i was walking out of the theatre..
No expectations.. u must have seen sarvam!
And silambaatam.. in the theatre.. wat were u thinking???

vk said...

^Chiju : One mistake less..didnt see sarvam :) n silambattam,what was i thinking??