Sunday, November 8, 2009


This was the week when a student actually understood that his college is a for-profit-money-plundering-n-thieving-organisation.

"Its jus good business",he could almost hear them saying it aloud.

And he lost his money.

p.s: What can a student do about an ill-mannered,egoistic,drenched-in-self-importance n arrogant administrator-in-charge responisble for students' welfare,who also does not know/understand the concept of 'respecting people',leave alone respecting students.

p.p.s: He cant do anything,even express his views straight,because he knows he can be screwed big time,as his degree is in line.A Revenge saga for not being subservient to the Lords of the System (little Gods,they think of themselves) would follow. FTS.


Chiju said...

The ex student "welfare" chairman's best act:

Juniors getting rough with the seniors for catching them default a tug-of-war game. Considering past experiences, seniors go to him rather than hit back. He coolly asks "Won't you take it if your younger bro hits you?"

Why not slap him right there and ask "Won't you forgive your grandson if he hit you?"

vk said...

That might come 2nd, perhaps after

1. Calling for a Parents Meet,seizing the ID card,and asking if (a) i'd eat 5 grams of human excreta or (b) if i'd marry a girl after she lost her virginity even though the process might take only 15 mins. Imagine this!
All this because me and few other guys emptied our water bottles on each other. Few mins of Harmless fun (in his view,translates to (a) and (b)). Plus ofcourse,an apology letter and the undertaking for future 'discipline'.

So much for an institution that claims to be with values.

Whrostu fellows. Geleig.

Chiju said...

Oh man!!! Yuck!