Friday, December 4, 2009

Quote Flash

Grudges disappear between the best of friends.
Like the morning mist,without traces.
Like the drop of water,lost in the lake.
Like the pinch of salt,dissolved in the sea.

Could the dark clouds block out the rays of the sun,forever?

Unnodu naan kanda bandham,
Mannodu malai konda sondham.
Adi eeram minjum.


Chiju said...

Kavidha! Kavidha!

Chiju said...

btw... when u spell rain in tamil... make it mazhai!
i was wondering wat bandham mountains (malai) had with mud (mun)... :P
Nice one man!

vk said...

:D yes yes mazhai thaan :)

And,English lines mattum thaan enodathu :)
Listen to 'Santhosha kaneere' from 'Uyirae' :P

Ryan.A.Nash said...


Divya Arikere said...

"Could the dark clouds block out the rays of the sun,forever?"

Maybe someday the Sun wouldn't want to shine at all...