Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One day left for the semester exams,which starts off with Software Engineering.

Half a day of trying to read through the textbook,planning to finish @ the rate of 2 chapters in an hour and a half, but ending up with only 30 pages done at the end of the day,can be quite depressing. Its always a battle,especially with the Software Engineering textbook,between the Book and You,or rather your ability to ward off the Sleep demon- Inevitably,its the Book that wins.Ultimately. It is just a question of how long you can resist the comfort of dozing off with a textbook in hand.To make matters worse(sleepy),the sky is overcast.

"...when collecting productivity metrics for projects,be sure to establish a taxonomy of project types. This will enable you to compute domain-specific averages,making estimation..."

Your mind begins to wander, the music in the background begins to fade out, new voices enter you head, you are amongst a crowd cheering Sachin as he gracefully dances down the ground and lofts Hauritz for a 6,you hi5 with your fellow-cheerers,you are jerked awake.

You look at the wall clock,quickly calculating the approximate time that you dozed,and get back to the book with renewed vigor.Time passes.

"......Smith argues that any level of this structural hierarchy can be described by no more than 10 use cases...."

Your mind again begins to wander,you remember some funny use cases,Tamanna runs before you, you are lost. You wake up later to see an hour has passed,and you are way behind schedule.

F1.Help.You send texts to your friends querying their status. The previous battle was lost,you start fresh with the hope that you can win the war.You start all over again-coffee , water,pacing,and a movie.

Thats how i ended up watching Eeram movie,lasting 2:46 hrs. And it was a good movie,definitely worth a watch. A tad slow in the second half,but i wont complain seeing the circumstances that led me to watch it. Some great dialogues ,camera shots, neat performances ,the suspense element,and a subject as dry as Soft Engg(almost 700 pages of pure theory),makes Eeram a good watch.

Now its 12:10 a.m.,again off to fighting my battle.

p.s: Really,people with insomnia can out try this textbook. Worth a try,mate.


Rahul said...

dai kidna naye! i thot u'd be giving a review for the movie :) but still a very nice post!
ps: SE examla indhamari English puluthinu katiniya?? Then RAD mayangiruva :P

Chiju said...

hahahaha.. yaaru da adhu RAD????

Good one! SE was one of my favourite subjects! (I had only one fav subject though) Of course, Kumar sir was handling the subject for us and i never went near anything called a SE textbook (Pressman thaanae??)! Good subject actually (sans the text book)..

PS: I scored 48/50 in one of the periodicals! Of Course i had to go through a screened process of podhu maathu for that! :P

vk said...

SE favorite subject ah!! (even though it was Kumar Sir!) Amam,same pressman thaan. 'why- blood?- same- blood- pressman book'.

Nice subject though,and ya mighty task to phrase the same idea in so many different sentences :P kudos to that fellow.

And podhu maathu for 48 in SE? Understandable :D