Thursday, February 18, 2010

That Two Worded Phrasal Verb :)

Same phrase. Same Tone. Same Profession.

"Get Out!!"

In school,that was a dreaded sentence to hear.Issued by the teacher for annoying her,it was a source of great shame - standing outside the classroom,and watching other students gape at you like your an animal in the zoo - embarrassing to say the least. Girls would start crying, boys would hang their heads so low in deep shame.

During college :) (brings a smile as i recollect that feeling), as most would agree,it underwent a semantic transformation in the average student's psyche, so much so that sometimes we wished that we'd be sent out,( after giving our attendance ofcourse!) to escape the hour long excruciating lecture (some might argue that you can simply sleep,but my friends,some profs. just dont let you sleep,they crudely wake you up.Bless 'em!)

Sigh. Miss those days.

(Ofcourse,i pray i never get to hear it in the corporate world!!! )


Divya Arikere said...

"During college :) (brings a smile as i recollect that feeling), as most would agree"

I totally agree :) Been there.. Done that ;)

Rahul said...

some friends?? yaa its mee :)

Chiju said...

Well, I studied in a boys school and the effect was same as in college at least after 8th std. and there was a staff in school who disliked me to the core and likewise from my side. You can be sure that "Neither would be sighted in the class while the other sill remains!" :P
One reason I started to hate chemistry!!!! :)

vk said...

I understand :P

Anonymous said...

Ha ha :) How unfair of profs to not even let some students sleep even after they have marked their attendance! :)

Shikha said...

Your writings on college life is really delighting. Makes us all remember our college days too. Keep posting. All the best. :-)

vk said...

# Shikha

Hey.Welcome to my blog,Shikha :) Yes, i will try to blog more on it. Happy memories :)