Friday, February 19, 2010

Through the eyes of the Beholder!

A:"Yes,its is a better city.
Yes, the Volvo buses are nice.

Yes, the apartments and the climate too.

Discounts? Too good.
Cuisine? Yes,probably.

But NO,you dont have beautiful girls over there!

B:"Dude,look over there. That's one sure Hottie!"

A:"Exactly! I'm not complaining,but,Just a hottie,not beautiful!"

B:"You alright up there?"

A:"Girls here are well dressed,yes. Look decent too,appear educated. But none of them,as far as i've seen,are actually 'beautiful'! sad,man.Back home,they dont dress so well,but some are really beautiful!"


Divya Arikere said...

U forgot one person !!! :@

Chiju said...

From the two other recent posts, one can understand you miss college and from this one I get it that you miss Coimbatore!!! :) :)

Well, Been there! I know!!!! :)

vk said...

@Divya : Well , :D

vk said...

@ Chiju : ah yes,namma oor pola varuma!

Anonymous said...

I have heard guys discuss this in all seriousness :) I think as one grows older one realises there is more to being beautiful than being 'actually beautiful' :)

vk said...

@ IHM : First up, welcome to my small-time blog :)

About the comment,well i totally agree :) physical charms can go only so far,and beauty is beyond the makeup and the creams,or the choice of clothes,yes.

Understanding this, i wish i meet someone soon enough ,when i can exhale,"She s a beautiful person!" :).

xulfi said...

dude...ur really nailing this is it??

xulfi said...

with a keyword "shallow" too..lolz!! :D