Monday, July 27, 2009

Colors of Life

Visits to the woods are
always pleasing to
the senses : the lush green
of the forest leaves ,
the boldness of the
wild flora, the smell of the
damp forest, the company
and the solitude
that the huge 200 yr
old trees provide,the chirp of invisible insects during dusk,
the bird calls during the dawn,and what not.

Magic seeds

Green Currency

Richer Hues


Nithya said...

Which place did you go to veekay ?

vk said...

A Place near Anaikatti,called Maangarai. There's a temple there which our family visits. Nice place :)

you get to see wild elephants too,although i ve never encountered them with my own eyes though.
The villagers tell me they move so silently for such a huge body.