Monday, July 20, 2009

I must say,my college does look idyllic and tranquil(atleast visually!) at this time of the year,when its raining.And feels great,when the mercury dips concomitantly.Respite from the heat,n this year's summer was really hot wasnt it!

A blanket of mist decends over the campus,and devours the surrounding mountains.The entire place looks a darker shade of its colors.Brilliant.Not everyday do you see such sights in this part of the world!

A few photographs,courtesy Rahul's N92.

Down below is the view from my classroom.It was raining incessantly for 3 days.

People who visit the campus for the first time around this time of the year,sure get mesmerized.My first visit was a similar experience,one of the reasons i choose this college-the ambience.

(Recognise which classroom offers this view,Chiju na n Div? :) )


Chiju said...

Good old Final CSE-A where we sat! :)

Chiju said...

and hey.. i remember my first year.. once in the bus.. a senior asked another first year.. "what did u like here since u joined?" and the answer was your post!

the seniors replied, "ippidiyae namma college oora emathidaraanga da"..

and i realized that in 2007 (final year).. :)

Vivek said...

I remember that class
I slept most of those days away
:D :D

Divya A said...

Of course i remember th class :) So many memories....