Saturday, July 11, 2009

Terror and Awe

Saturn devouring his Son - Goya(1819-23)
This painting,Saturn devouring his son,of all the Black Paintings of Goya that i saw,i'd say is the most terrifing of them all. This terrible face of Saturn gives me creeps,raided my dreams a couple of times too.The ferocity of the violence,and the force of emotion that is depicted,and the illusion,the thought of it floating out of the screen at me,sends a shiver down my spine...phew..Goya,I salute you!


Ryan.A.Nash said...

super painting. There was actually a military propaganda based on this. don't remember exactly. Saw it in a quiz

vk said...

^Sharan : well you are that quiz-winner guy! i dont know,you tell me :P

There s a painting by Goya that i know of thats relating to military events.Its called The Third of May 1808 . Is this the painting you could be taking about?

Vasanth viswanathan said...

where the f*** do u find such sorry to admit that i am not too much of an art person and it seemed like crap to me.. :|