Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simply Rahmantic

Was listening to Kaise Mujhe ,from Ghajini.

Wow.Simply Rahmantic!

A beautiful,soul-stirring,heart-tugging,haunting melody from Rahman.

I dont know a word of Hindi,and typical of Rahman's music,transcends the barriers imposed by language and succeeds in evoking strong emotions within me,as only his music could.I know little of the technicalities in singing,but i can say that this is an extremely,extremely difficult song to sing(Chiju na,you re the singer..what do you feel?). One of those songs that when you try to reproduce on stage,could easily go horribly wrong.One of those songs that i listen to- eyes closed,in a quiet setting-when i want to calm myself down,or when in a nostalgic mood, or when thinking about love and relationships.

On the vocals,Benny Dayal has put his heart and soul into singing this song,otherwise could not have achieved this result. Not intending to belittle Benny,but Shreya Ghosal outshines him.Shreya's voice,especially her aalap towards the middle of the song,gives me a floating-fleeing,like a breeze spreading out,caressing,gentle and soft-evokes the image of a girl embracing her Love,reassuring her Love...the sitar following this part, simply tugs at my heart.

My friend translated this stanza for me.Wow.Honest lines.

Badle raate jharne aur nadi,
Badle ret ki tim tim.
Chhede zindigi dhool koi nahin,badle barkha ki rimjhim.
Badle ngi rituen ada,
Par main rahoongi sada,usi tarah,
Teri baahon mein baahein daalke,
Har lamha,
Har pal.

The song takes time to grow on you.On first-listening,would seem like an ordinary track.But One of the best from the great man!

A.R.Rahman.God Bless.


Divya A said...

All I know abt this song is that it does have th capability to lift me up :)

Chiju said...

Talking about rahmantism.. i don't know even if i have the rights to comment about his excellence..

Benny said that he had to sing the entire song with a smile to emote the way it is..

Since you've talked about this song... you must watch this youtube video (watch it fully)..

HE is a genius is an understatment...

vk said...


came by this video..didnt know things even worked this way!!

Vasanth viswanathan said...

one of his best..