Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Expectorate in Public? Damn You.

Brilliant blue sky. Cool weather. Trees rustling in the wind. Mild Traffic . Pachai Nirame on the radio.

This was the setting(perfect!). I was driving my car along the Thadagam Road in the City,and stopped as the traffic light switched to red, near Avila.In front of me, a Skoda Laura was idling. I was just beginning to admire the immaculate shine on the car when its door opened from the inside - i could see a bracelet on the hand that was resting on the door handle,gold by the looks of it,and the guy's head peeped out,and bent low towards the road. Curious,i followed his gaze - what was the guy observing on the road?


A mouthful of tobacco or pan juice was squirted right onto the road. The guy wiped his mouth with a napkin,and dropped it right there. He closed the door,the signal turned green , and the car sped away.

As if nothing happened. I was careful not to drive over it.


I held this paradigm : People in Skoda Laura are wealthy and educated - now its changed - only a sign of wealth and not necessarily a sign of education . That guy had not an iota of Civic Sense.( cliched but popular "civic sense ah? oru kilo enna velai" stereotypes)

Evokes the memory of the image of a guy spitting from the window of a bus onto the traffic below , and the verbal duel that followed, between the guy on the bus and the rather unfortunate guy on the bike,who was passing the bus by its side. Poor guy.


Its everywhere,the 'gob' - railway stations,bus stands,pavements, cut-roads - i dont understand,why arent they feeling repulsive when they do it at such public places? Plus its poses a risk of spreading disease . A spell should be cast so that for those who spit onto public property,it should fly back onto their faces. Would serve them good.


ramaswamy said...

samooga nalam karudhi engal samathuva singam ... valga vk!!!! :)

vk said...

^rams : Civic Sense you see :P

Chiju said...

Very late to say! Still, Welcome to India my friend!

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Paradigms payale :P (the smiley to add to the alliterations)

vk said...

^Chiju :
A silent scream of despair,
A soundless wail of helplessness
On the ignominy of the association,
Of things filthy and diseased with Mother India

Instant poetry,although rhymless,by a guy who loves his homeland.

vk said...

^Sharan : Emoticons dont pass as alliterations :D

Try writing the tongue smiley as a sound :P :P

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)